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The Roof Over Your Head

McMahon Marketing

Getting a new roof or replacing one is a huge project that requires many steps. Before you have any work done on your roof, you need to know the process that goes into replacing a roof. The first action of replacing/repairing a roof is to have the materials delivered to your home. We will order the materials, specified to your preferences and budget, and make sure that the materials arrive before construction begins.

We will then begin the process of removing the old roofing. This can be messy and tedious, but it is a necessary part of the job. We will take care to dispose of the old roofing. Our next step is to inspect your wood decking. Wood decking on your roof is the foundation that holds up the rest of the roof. It supports insulation, roofing and waterproof materials. We will inspect for rotting wood and other damages. We will replace any part of the roof decking that is not adequate for our standards. 

Once we have inspected the roof decking we will start applying the new roof. This includes all of the proper underlayment like the insulation and waterproof materials that we mentioned earlier and then the new shingles. After all of this is finished, we will take special care to clean up the area surrounding your home. Replacing a roof is messy business, and we don’t want to leave you with a huge burden after the completion of such a large project. Rest assured that we will take care of any mess we make on your property during our roofing projects. 

The last item to complete in the process is inspection. We want to make sure that we have provided the most effective and efficient roof for your home, which is why we check all of our roofs for adequacy after every project. We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the work that we have provided. To get started on your new roof, call us today.

- President Michael Swanson