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We're all on the Same Team

McMahon Marketing

At Metro Building Services, we seriously love trade shows. We enjoy showing people what we can do and how we can specifically help them with any problems they may be facing. Just recently, we were able to attend the SMSDC trade show.

This event brought together corporate representatives, small businesses, government agencies, community partners and more. Not only was it great for marketing but also a great opportunity to meet, network, and build relationships with other businesses around the region.

We’re so excited to be part of the ORA trade show next week for the first time. We may not be a restaurant, but we sure can help a lot of people through the services we offer. We’re going to have an incredible opportunity to showcase everything to over 6,000 people.  We’re beyond excited for this opportunity to help out and serve others.

At Metro Building Services, we are so passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential so their owners can have beautiful success. Our only hope is that our tiny booth at the trade shows we attend will bring success to a lot of people.

- President Michael Swanson