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Paving the Way for Progress

McMahon Marketing

If you're a business owner, you have probably come to realize how crucial first impressions are with potential customers. It all begins with that initial look and if your property is surrounded by cracked pavement, it may communicate negligence. That's where we step in.

We offer Pavement Dressing Conditioner, otherwise known as PDC, to customers looking for a fantastic investment. PDC not only provides surface protection against contaminants but penetrates deep into the pavement to rehabilitate the asphalt binder. With each application, it can extend the life of your pavement 3-5 years! 

Metro Building Services has gained the trust and confidence of the community through our years of service. We're always looking for solutions that will not only perform well but will last. If you'd like to learn more about our PDC services, give us a call at (405) 329-0078. We'd love to help your business get the most out of that first impression.